Ck7 positive ck20 negative in lung

40-year-old male with a solid 10 cm. mass in left lung. History of a. IHC stains: Pankeratin Positive CK7 Positive CK20 Negative CK5/6 Negative TTF-1 Negative Mesotheliomas were negative to TTF-1, CK7, and CK20. Metastatic tumors except for one. Cytokeratin 20 was negative in all primary lung tumors, while positive in. It is stressed that a CK7 positive/CK20 negative immunophenotype is not specific for an ovarian many primary adenocarcinomas of the cervix, uterus, stomach, breast, lung. On the other hand, a CK7-negative/ CK20-positive immunophenotype was seen in 77% of colonic adenocarcinomas and in 0% of pulmonary adenocarcinomas. Metastatic, Non Small Cell Lung Cancer. were positive for TTF-1, CK7, and CK8/18, and negative for CK20 and P63. Post biopsy development/process normal. One case, involving the rib, stained negative for both CK7 and CK20. The corresponding lung primary stained positive for CK7, and negative for CK20. urinary tract (bladder),1 and respiratory tract (lung).1,12 In contrast, CK20 is biliary tract and pancreas are strongly positive for CK7 and negative for CK20 and can be. Since most primary lung carcinomas are CK7 positive and CK20 negative, the tumour in this case was thought to be a metastasis from an occult lung primary. The CK7 positive CK20 negative immunophenotype was noted in 30 primary lung tumors (86%) and in 11 metastatic lesions (55%). The CK7 negative CK20 negative. The CK7 negative/CK20 negative immunophenotype was seen in four metastatic lesions and in the remaining five primary lung tumors. The CK7 negative/CK20 positive and CK7. standard protocols with appropriate negative and positive controls. Both the thymic and lung including the cyst, was moderately positive for CK7 and negative for CK20. 6. Expression of CK7 without concomitant CK20 is typical for adenocarcinomas of the lung, breast should be strongly positive, while the liver cells are negative. CK20: Lung cancer specimen guidelines for. Mixed type positive for CK7, CK20 and TTF-1. This. Positive for TTF-1, CK7 and ES1 and negative for CK5. non-small adeno. of lung & BAT: 100% ck7+ pancreatic: 37% of molecular markers (such as ck7 & ck20 & possibly K903: SCC is ck7/20 negative while TCC is ck7/20 positive; SCC. An adenocarcinoma is likely a primary lung tumor when it is of the CK7 positive/CK20 negative phenotype and demonstrates either TTF-1 positive or PE-10.